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Magic Peacock Tea Boxes

The Peacock Teapot and the Little Tree Turtle

Once upon a time, there was a little tree turtle whose prized possession was his big red button. This was no ordinary turtle though, for on days when the sun sets just so, little turtle will glow.


So one afternoon when his family marched one by one through the branches, in search of their favorite treat, piddle diddle bugs, little turtle was distracted by something blue and bright.


It glittered in the sun, the blues faded into greens and he was mesmerized. All of a sudden, it moved! On closer inspection, the little turtle realized it was alive. With newfound interest, the little turtle left his family line, for this blue jewel was far more interesting than piddle diddle bugs.


He swung his mighty red button up the branches. And bit by bit, he climbed his way up. When the little turtle got closer, he realized this was no blue jewel, but a bird! Well, at least he thought it was one.


The bird swung its head low and slow, taking in this new oddity. It blinked once, then twice, and smiled at its visitor. The little turtle was determined to understand what this majestic bird was and continued climbing up.


At last, the little turtle reached the bird, and what a surprise it was. For this was no ordinary bird, it was peacock teapot, a being as rare as moon flowers.


The little turtle could not speak to the peacock, alas they did not share a common tongue. But despite their differences, the little turtle decided to share the only thing he prized, his big red button.


From then on, the little turtle visited peacock every day, bringing him his newfound treasures, and eventually learning to speak to one another. They grew into the best of friends and lived happily ever after.

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