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My name is Caroline Edge, and I am a visual designer for branding and marketing. My style incorporates different textures and dynamic colors and, like a butterfly, is always growing and enhancing.

With a passion for sustainability and curiosity for new cultures, I take inspiration from the experiences I have to create books, patterns, branding, articles, eco-friendly products, illustrations, and many other designs.

​I am currently working on a collaboration book project with rapper and jiu-jitsu brown belt Jimmy Greene, and I am designing Women's Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu apparel.

I am also collaborating with my Design for Sustainability group at SCAD to design affordable housing for drought-prone areas in California. Through biomimicry, we are using the polar bear hair and skin layering technique and mimicking it with hempcrete and other local materials to create a structure that absorbs water and regulates temperature.


If you have any inquiries on commissions, please email me, and have a wonderful day! 

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